MLAOC Members Old Outboard Sites:


Kenadian Outboards

The Antique Two Stroke Outboard

Hors Bords Antiques



Old Outboard Forums:


Endless Boating




For Your Old Outboard:


Mr. Motor Classic Outboard Sales and Service

Antique and Classic Outboard Motor Paint (paint, decals and parts)

American Outboard (parts and decals)

SilverMarine Outboard Restoration

Other parts, supplies, and service providers



Antique and Classic boats:


The Antique and Classic Boat Society: Toronto

Trent Severn Antique and Classic Boat Association

Whats In Your Boathouse - Historic Book


Boat Sites:


Port Carling Boats

Muskoka Sea Flea

 Checkmate Boats

Giesler and Sons Boat Works

Tender Craft Boats

Restoring Your Cedar Strip Boat

Johns Little Boat Shop



 Toy Outboards:


Toy Outboard Motors



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